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What is Matty’s Paradigm?

Matty’s Paradigm is a harmonization of the Bible with physical evidence and empirical observations. This is accomplished by using deductive reasoning from the starting point of this principle:

God cannot lie (Titus 1:2)

The deductive process works like this:

  1. If God cannot lie then the Bible is true.
  2. If the Bible is true,
    but science has a narrative for human origins which is different,
    then science is wrong.
  3. If science is wrong then how is it wrong?

The errors in scientific reasoning must be identified and accounted for.




Gravity is the ground zero of theoretical science.

Too bad theoretical science got it wrong.

Fortunately we have a new definition for gravity.

Gravity is a field emitted from a created instance (a singularity) that causes a body to have attractive force directly proportional to its mass, and inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the source.

This keeps all of our experimental observations of the proportional relationship between mass and gravity intact, but it means that the theoretical construct built around the idea that gravity is a property of mass (space time) is irrelevant.

Yes, that means Newton and Einstein and everything theoretical which has been derived from them.


It does however mean that the Bible is true. You may want to let that sink in.

Hell is Expanding

Global Warming?

Evidence for global warming is abundant.

However, the cause is not what you think.

It is not possible to demonstrate a causal link between human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, and climate change. That is what we call circumstantial evidence. Yes humans are burning fossil fuels, and yes it appears that average temperatures are increasing, but can we prove that one causes the other? – NO.

This opens up the field for climate change deniers. Science can’t categorically prove that burning coal causes climate change, so some people deny the phenomenon completely. What I am going to show you is that we don’t need to prove a causal link between human activity and climate change. Climate change, more accurately global warming, is Biblical and it has an entirely different cause: the expansion of hell. Not only that, but we can track the expansion of hell through history and see how it relates to major changes in the environment of earth, including the great flood of Noah and plate tectonics in the time of Peleg.

We will look at the following aspects of the Biblical phenomenon of global warming:

  1. Scriptural references to hell expanding,
  2. A Biblical history of global warming
  3. Empirical evidence of ocean water warming
  4. Sinkholes
  5. What must I do to be saved?

Principia Mattymatica

Is it possible to demonstrate that Matty’s Paradigm is not merely an opinion about the Bible? If it could be done, how would it be done? Can Matty’s Paradigm can be described as a set of Principles which are deduced from Axioms?

It turns out that it is not necessary to parody Newton’s Principia Mathematica. Principia Mattymatica is a thing in its own right. However the approach Newton used is definitely worth emulating.

Principia Mattymatica

Science is Axiomatically Wrong

Axiom I – The Universe is Made from the Components of Water

Corollary I – All Life is One, it is Derived from Water and Sustained by Energy from Hydrogen

Corollary II – Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Axiom II – Gravity is a Field Emitted from the Core of the Earth

Corollary III – Gravity of Earth

Corollary IV – Gravitational Time Dilation

Axiom III – Earth is the Center of the Observable Universe

Corollary V – Kepler’s Laws

Corollary VI – Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

Axiom IV – The Internal Structure of Earth and Size of the Cosmos are Unknowable

Corollary VII – Earth’s Immense, Deep Interior

Corollary VIII – Matty’s Parallax

Axiom V – Current Biodiversity is the Result of Evolution

Corollary IX – Plate Tectonics

Corollary X – Genetic Decay

Principle I – God Cannot Lie and the Bible is True

Principle II – King James and Original Languages Only

Principle III – Water is the Physical Manifestation of God

Principle IV – Life Began in Zero-G

Principle V – Gravity Was Created on the Second Day

Principle VI – The Firmament is on the Edge of Space

Principle VII – Evolution is not the Origin of Humanity

Principle VIII – Radioactive Decay was not Constant

Principle IX – Gravity is God’s Love

Scholium I – Write the Vision

Scholium II – 1687



Why did God create creation?

We argue all the time about whether there is a God or not. Or, if there is a God, and he is supposedly loving, why would he send people to hell? The concept of hell is enough of a reason why many people reject God out of hand. Of those who accept Him there is total confusion, as shown by the resurgence of the flat earth movement. Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat? That’s another great reason for many people to reject God and the Bible.

Is it possible to find some sense in all this confusion?


God created creation for a specific purpose. Understanding this purpose gives us a way to understand all of science and nature. It also gives us the understanding we so badly need about God’s plan of redemption. I can tell you that you need to be saved, but if your response is “from what?” I may be wasting my time. It is a burden. How do we reach out to a lost and dying world with a message of love and peace, and yet convey the urgency of the matter regarding the soul’s eternal plight, in hell, for those who don’t believe? How do we overcome the seemingly overwhelming domination of our minds by the scientific narrative of godless existence?

Daily Devotion

A year-long daily devotion that reconciles science with the Bible

From the 6 days of creation to the new heaven and new earth

  1. January – The first day
    Scripture Summary (.pdf)
  2. February – The second day
  3. March – The third day
  4. April – The fourth day
  5. May – The fifth day
  6. June – The sixth day
  7. July – War in heaven, hell and global warming
  8. August – The flood
  9. September – Pangaea
  10. October – God walks among us
  11. November – The lifting up of Jerusalem
  12. December – New heaven and new earth