Science = Faith

November 25, 2016

The basic building blocks of the dominant paradigm of modern science are all leaps of faith.

  1. Heliocentricity
  2. Stars are distant suns
  3. The radioisotope decay constant
  4. The evolutionary origin of humanity

None of these four theoretical pillars can be proven. In fact, the theoretical underpinning of each one is surprisingly flimsy. It only took a janitor to figure out that Science = Faith. The thing that you need to understand is that I don’t have to convince you, that is the work of the Holy Spirit. My job is to preach the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. My own personal twist on that is that science is not a substitute for faith, because science requires faith.

I believe the Bible because I choose to. It has nothing to do with evidence or proof. You believe science because you think it has evidence and proof. I’m showing you that it doesn’t.

I don’t have a double standard. I choose to believe the Bible out of gratitude to God for my life and to Jesus Christ for my salvation. I don’t need evidence or proof, my choice is made and I have faith. I am making the point that science is exactly the same. You have to decide what you want to believe then interpret the evidence to fit. Science = Faith.

You may have a working knowledge of physics or some other discipline of science, but do you have a working knowledge of how to make it successfully to the next life?

This world is going to be destroyed and replaced by another one. Hopefully fairly soon because the conditions on earth are going to get worse and worse. Global warming is being caused by the expansion of hell. Biblical prophesy of war, famine, disease and events, such as the stars falling to earth, is going to come to pass. Science can do nothing to stop it.

Jesus Christ is the only way to escape.


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