Matty’s Glossary

There is a lot of scientific jargon involved in discussing how the Bible perfectly harmonizes with all scientific observations. Plus I make stuff up when I think it serves the purpose of showing the vanity of science, or is just hilarious. I had no idea that destroying the theoretical foundation of modern science would be so much fun! Here are as many as I can find.

  • AST – Atheist Science Troll
    People who roam the Internet cruelly mocking anything they don’t understand. They’re convinced that because science is so brilliant, they are brilliant too.
  • Astronomy
    1. The body of knowledge generated by applying the Hawking Effect to the Star Trek Episodes. Has been expanded to include most space-based Science Fiction (except Babylon 5).
    2. A deity in the Atheist pantheon.
  • Babel
    A historical city built in defiance of the will of God which caused God to confound human language. Ii illustrates the danger of having a universal language (see also Math).
  • Black Hole
    A fictional contrivance necessary to account for the gravitational interaction provided by the firmament. Validated by the Hawking effect.
  • Celestial Realm (2nd Heaven)
    The space between the atmosphere (1st heaven) and the firmament (3rd heaven). The location of the stars and planets.
  • Circumferential Shortening
    A change in circumference of the earth, evident from tectonic plates, deep ocean trenches and up thrust mountain ranges. Caused by Radial Shrinkage.
  • CEH – Cluelessness Event Horizon
    That moment when it’s obvious that an AST is bluffing. The words and phrases they use make it clear they don’t know what they are talking about.
  • CFM – Crystalline Firmament Material
    Fragments of layered crystal, including sapphire and ruby, that occupy the Kuiper Belt. A.k.a. the stars. See also ULM.
  • Cognitive Impairment
    A polite way to call someone stupid.
  • Coriolis Effect (The)
    A deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Cosmos
    The space between the atmosphere (1st heaven) and the firmament (3rd heaven). The location of the stars and planets. See also Celestial Realm.
  • Cursed Earth
    The condition of the earth as a result of original sin. Causes the earth to yield crops only after lots of sweating. This curse was lifted after Noah’s flood.
  • Dark Energy
    A fictional contrivance necessary to account for the gravitational interaction provided by the firmament. Validated by the Hawking effect.
  • Dark Matter
    A fictional contrivance necessary to account for the gravitational interaction provided by the firmament. Validated by the Hawking effect.
  • Decay Constant
    A fictional contrivance necessary for the scientific rationalization of the Geological Timescale. Also critical in the contrived scientific claim that there is no hell.
  • Deduction
    An investigative technique where you draw conclusions by examining evidence. Totally unscientific. Science has been using Induction for centuries (see also Induction).
  • DNT Science.
    Dawkins/Nye/Tyson Science. Science falsely so-called. An idol revered by Scientifically Illiterate Science Worshippers (See also SISW).
  • DPMS – Dominant Paradigm of Modern Science
    A universally accepted theoretical construct for the origin of the human race. A pseudo-scientific narrative of godless existence.
  • Eclipse (solar)
    A deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Ecliptic
    A great circle on the celestial sphere representing the sun’s apparent path. In Matty’s Paradigm the ecliptic is empirical. In heliocentricity the ecliptic is theoretical.
  • Empirical
    Verifiable by direct observation. Not a heritable trait. The empirical nature of an observation does not pass on to its theoretical descendants.
  • Epicycle
    Planetary bodies and space vehicles have orbits with epicycles. In heliocentricity this is accounted for by the motion of the earth. It is referred to as retrograde motion.
  • ETF – Egregious Theoretical Fudge
    A.k.a. Math. The purpose of math is to allow people to perpetrate falsehood under the guise of being brilliant. You just have to except it. It’s math.
  • Evidence
    Anything at all. Everything is evidence. Evidence is neutral and doesn’t point to a conclusion. You interpret evidence based on what you have already chosen to believe.
  • Exoplanets
    A fictional contrivance derived from use of the Hawking effect. Used to obscure the reality that stars are rotating CFM that reflect alternating red and blue light.
  • Faith
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)
    Faith = evidence.
    Example: heliocentricity can’t be proven but everyone believes it.
  • Firmament (3rd Heaven)
    A rigid sphere of layered crystal on the edge of space that encloses the cosmos. The location of God’s throne, also referred to as the sea of glass.
  • Flat Earth
    Absolute stupidity. Flat earth is neither Biblical nor physically possible.
  • Foundations of the Earth
    A created instance of gravity (singularity) created on the 2nd day of creation. It is unmovable. It represents God’s everlasting commitment to this creation.
  • Foundations of the Mountains
    Foundations of the Mountains The formerly solid core of the earth on which the pillars of the earth were based. It had completely melted by the time of Peleg.
  • Fountains of the Great Deep
    Channels through the crust and mantle of the original earth through which water circulates into the great deep. Also used to flood the earth in the time of Noah.
  • Geocentric
    Earth centered. Any of a variety of models that have the earth at the center of the universe. Now yoked together with the flat earth movement so it must be abandoned.
  • Geocentricity
    A Geocentric model promoted by the Association of Biblical Astronomers. It has the wrong application of Newtonian math and does not allow for a crystalline firmament.
  • Geocentrism
    People groups who believe in Geocentricity.
  • Geocentrospheric
    An empirical Geocentric model that uses Newtonian math to make the sun less massive than the earth, and it has a crystalline firmament on the edge of space.
  • Geological Timescale
    A fictional contrivance needed to provide the billions of years necessary for biological evolution. It is entirely based entirely on circular reasoning.
  • godless Existence
    The Holy Grail of Science. An attempt to rationalize our existence that has no supernatural cause. Truth is rejected as its premise, and is an impossible conclusion.
  • Gravitational Constant G
    The assumption that gravity is proportional to mass with the mass as the causal factor. It is based on circumstantial evidence.
  • Gravity
    1. A field emitted from a created instance that causes matter to have attractive force proportional to its mass.
    2. The mechanism by which God ordered creation starting on the 2nd day. Gravity may be tuned to attract specific molecules or objects.
  • Gravity Assists
    A deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Gravity Well
    A fictional contrivance used to make it look as if science can explain Kepler’s Laws. Used with Relativity to make you think that it’s real science. Probably the only time a hasbeen with spandex is socially acceptable.
  • Great Deep (The)
    The waters below the earth’s mantle. Formerly it occupied the space referred to as the great gulf in Luke 16:26. Used to flood the earth at the time of Noah.
  • Hawking Effect (The)
    Where the jargon of theoretical science is used to validate Star Trek Episodes. Named for Stephen Hawking, who pioneered the substitution of SciFi for science.
  • Heaven – Used to describe any of 3 things: 1st heaven, atmosphere, sky or open firmament; 2nd heaven, celestial realm,, cosmos; 3rd heaven, the firmament, sea of glass.
  • Highest Part of the Dust of the Earth – see Ros.
  • Hypothesis – A truly scientific hypothesis must be predictive, testable, and any experimental result should be repeatable.
  • Induction
  • Justification
    The process of being cleansed of my sin and made holy, which is achieved through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.
  • Math
    1. Imaginary numerical and computational system, math exists in the mind when we have faith that numerals represent concepts.
    2. A universal language that allows us to achieve the otherwise impossible (see also Babel).
    3. Theoretical equivalent of fudge, infinitely malleable. Can be use to appear to rationalize absolutely anything (see also ETF), totally untrustworthy.
    4. A deity in the Atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Matty’s Paradigm
    A scientific theory of creation by Matthew S. Lawrence
  • My Sin Things that I do wrong and am personally responsible for. The reason why I am under God’s judgment.
  • Occam’s Razor
    A deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Open Firmament (1st Heaven) – The atmosphere, or sky below the celestial realm (2nd heaven). Where the birds fly.
  • Opinionity
    A religion in which you worship your own opinion. Has supplanted atheism.
  • Original Sin The event in the Garden of Eden that caused the fallen, or corrupted state that the earth is in.
  • Paradigm – A framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community. such a cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group: the company’s business paradigm.
  • Peer Review
    1. A system of reductive, inductive circular reasoning within the dominant paradigm (See also DPMS).
    2. Designed to maintain the internal logical consistency of the dominant paradigm.
    3. The padded rail around the intellectual play pen where you are allowed to think.
    4. The blind leading the blind.
  • Physics
    A deity in the Atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.
  • Pillars of the Earth – Part of the spherical earth’s internal structure.
  • Precambrian
  • Propitiation The price paid for redemption. This was Jesus himself.
  • RAA – Reverse Applicability Anomaly
  • Radial Shrinkage – A decrease in the radius of planet earth. This occurred in the time of Peleg in a sufficient amount to account for the circumferential shortening that we observe in the earth’s crust.
  • Redemption
  • Relative Motion
  • Relativity – The science of knowing nothing and making it look like you know everything. For example, you may no nothing at all about a star in the sky but since you know nothing at all about the other stars next to it you have now a frame of reference to be able to make stuff up about them.
  • Retrograde Motion
  • Ros The highest part of the dust of the earth, refers to the location of Eden at the summit of a mountain that filled the whole earth.
  • Science – See Science Fiction.
  • Science Fiction – See Science.
  • Scientific Evidence – An interpretation of evidence (not the evidence itself) that has been vetted and approved by peer review to ensure compliance with the scientific narrative of godless existence. The distilled essence of circular reasoning.
  • Scientific Fact
    Anything that Science wants you to believe, even though it may be pure speculation. A strategic data point in a false narrative of godless existence.
  • Scientific Method
    1. An excuse to A priori reject truth as either the premise or a possible conclusion in science (see also Truth), it makes finding the truth impossible.
    2. A process by which fiction can be scientifically validated.
  • Scientific Narrative of godless Existence – see DPMS.
  • Sea of Glass – see Firmament.
  • SISW – Scientifically Illiterate Science Worshipper
    Most people. The product of our education system. Ideological progeny of Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  • Special Pleading
    A form of fallacious argument that involves an attempt to cite something as an exception to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exception.
  • Stratigraphic Column – see Geological Timescale.
  • Theoretical – Anything beyond an observation. As soon as you start to explain what you think an observation means, you are being theoretical.
  • Theoretical Foundation of Modern Science – see DPMS.
  • Truth
    The truth is neither testable nor falsifiable, therefore it is unscientific and must be rejected.
  • ULM – Unknown Luminous Material – The stars. Science wants you to think that the stars are distant suns and galaxies. That’s actually just a by-product of the fictional geometry in the DPMS. No one knows what the stars really are. Unless, of course, you understand Matty’s Paradigm, in which case they are CFM.
  • Water
    1. An unknown substance that predates creation, from which creation was created.
    2. The physical medium in which cause and effect are linked.
    3. The essence of free will.
    4. A physical substance which allows God to manifest his glory.
  • Windows of Heaven – Places in the firmament that can be opened or closed.
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