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Matty’s Paradigm

Who Wants To Attack Hell With Me?

Beat is “Strings and Harmony” from © 2017 UnbelievableBeats.com

Weaving The Cultural Fabric Of Our Time

Beat is “Yo” from © 2017 UnbelievableBeats.com

The Second Day

The Gravitational Constant is an Assumption Based on Circumstantial Evidence

Music sampled from “Spent” by Geezer Lake from the album Feet In Mud Again (1993)

Severing The Link Between Mass And Gravity

Music is a medley of samples from the album “Feet In Mud Again” by Geezer Lake (1993)

The Sixth Day

A Predictive Testable Hypothesis for the Existence of the Human Soul Using Gravitational Waves

Music sampled from “Where’s The Safety” by Geezer lake from the album Feet In Mud Again (1993)


My Testimony

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