Phases of Venus

August 21, 2017

Any time someone uses the phases of Venus as proof of heliocentricity they are demonstrating that their knowledge of the subject matter is superficial at best. At worst they just copied someone else’s work, it sounded good so they’re using it. Venus and Mercury orbit the sun in the geocentrospheric model, and so the observations of their phases is exactly the same as in the heliocentric model.

The problem here is one of historical context. When Galileo made his observations of the phases of Venus, or the moons of Jupiter, he was pitted against a religious establishment that was as clueless then as most atheists are now. The religious dogma of Galileo’s time was that ALL stellar bodies have to orbit the earth. This is incorrect, so the religious authorities that Galileo was up against were sadly uninformed and Galileo just happened to prove it.

He did not prove heliocentricity, he simply proved that some planetary bodies orbit something other than the earth. It may not have occurred to Galileo that Venus and Mercury are orbiting the sun, which is orbiting the earth.

Such as it is, the modern day pseudo-scientists who think that the phases of Venus or the moons of Jupiter are their magic bullets against geocentrosphericity are just about 400 years behind the times.


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  • Reply Randy Weiss September 21, 2017 at 8:13 am

    You must excuse any ‘normal’ reader of yours for falling into the assumption that your geocentric model INCLUDES venus and merc orbiting earh since every prior geo-centric moded did so. Yours is novel, I’ll give it that. The distances between Sun/Merc/Venus are such that the GRAVITATION of Earth would perturb these proposed orbits in a way that would be seen. No such perterbations exist. This model does NOT fit observation.

    • Reply Matty Lawrence September 21, 2017 at 11:55 am

      On the contrary, my Geocentrospheric model exactly matches observation, and not only that, it complies with the requirements of Kepler’s laws by having a source of gravity at F1 (the earth) and F2 (the sun). The reason that planetary orbits appear to be elliptical is because of the two sources of gravity. Note that it is not necessary for both foci of the ellipse to be inside the orbit. Heliocentricity does not have a physical cause for elliptical orbits (except for fictional ones). FYI all our observations are either from the earth or from spacecraft launched from earth, and so they are, by default, Geocentrospheric. Heliocentricity is a theoretical interpretation.

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