What is Matty’s Paradigm?

  • A Bible-based complete plugin replacement for the theoretical foundation of modern science.
  • Technically it is Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation.

So let’s make sure we know what a Paradigm is first:

  • a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community. such a cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group: the company’s business paradigm.

I am calling this work Matty’s Paradigm for several reasons:

  1. A formal name, like Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation, gives the impression of being part of an established order. This isn’t.
  2. I disagree with everybody, on both sides of the creation vs. evolution debate.
  3. I don’t want to give the false impression that I am aligned with any other established group. Especially groups like AIG and ICR.
  4. I don’t want to endorse any other established group.
  5. With a name like Matty’s Paradigm, you can feel free to dismiss this out of hand. It’s not a threat to you.

Modern science is a paradigm. More correctly I should say the theoretical foundation of modern science (the dominant paradigm DPMS) is the framework of beliefs that are, for the most part, universally held by the vast majority of both scientists and the world community at large. The DPMS is characterized by several core beliefs which, as it happens, are false. Faith in these core beliefs is essential in developing the internal logic of the theoretical construct. These are the leaps of faith in the DPMS

  1. The human species is the result of a process of evolution.
  2. Radioisotopes have always decayed at the same rate and the Earth is billions of years old.
  3. The Earth orbits the Sun.
  4. The word sun is used synonymously with star. As such, our Sun is one of billions of stars which are traveling through a vast cosmos.
  5. Gravity is proportional to mass, and there is a gravitational constant that applies throughout the universe.
  6. God (whatever form you choose) is not a causal factor, merely an optional extra

None of these beliefs can be proven. Believing them is a choice. Science = Faith.

It’s weird when you realize that the DPMS is false, and even weirder when you subsequently find that there is no coherent alternative. There is no alternative to the DPMS that can account for both our observations of the physical universe and the testimony of Scripture. Not that there aren’t people who have tried to do this. So this is where Matty’s Paradigm comes from. It is an example of evolution, if you want to call it that, of continually growing in understanding, and adapting to meet the needs of both the physical evidence and the Biblical record.

Matty’s Paradigm is profoundly different from the DPMS, but it is also very different from other religious groups who have attempted a partial explanation of the Bible using science. For instance, Matty’s Paradigm is not the same as young earth creationism (YEC) as taught by groups like Answers in Genesis (AIG) or the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). These organizations provide the scientific basis for the traditional beliefs of mainstream conservative Christianity. However, they seem to be very non-committal about whether or not hell is a real physical place, and they do not have a cosmology that allows for a rigid crystalline firmament.

Even though Matty’s Paradigm is based on the Biblical teaching that the Earth is at the center of creation, we do not believe in a flat earth. That’s just stupid.

Not only that, but we differ dramatically from Geocentricity as described by The Association for Biblical Astronomy (ABA). The ABA believe that the universe is vast in the same way that the DPMS does, and that the firmament is the expanse of space: a dense medium in which the stars are set and rotate round the Earth. Even though they have smart people who seem to know a lot of math they don’t seemed to have figured out Newton’s Switcheroo, which is to say, they completely accept the heliocentric based mathematical model of the solar system in which the sun is more massive than the earth. In Matty’s Paradigm we have a mathematical constant that is used to convert the mass of the sun and planetary bodies from heliocentric to geocentric values.

The gravitational constant is an assumption based on circumstantial evidence. The fact that apples drop out of trees and accelerate to the earth at a rate of 10m/s² does not automatically apply throughout the universe. Instances of gravity are created by God and have a specific quantity and frequency that affects the properties of the resultant planetary body. In Matty’s Paradigm mass is proportional to gravity, not the other way around.

In Matty’s Paradigm the basic beliefs are as follows:

  1. God doesn’t lie (His existence is self-evident, stop whining about it).
  2. Gravity is a created thing around which the Earth formed, and there is a crystalline firmament on the edge of space enclosing the cosmos.
  3. Earth is the center of creation but we do not believe traditional Geocentricity.
  4. Earth is about 6,000 years old but we are not traditional YEC.
  5. The Sun orbits the Earth, the Earth and Sun form the two foci in Kepler’s 1st law of planetary motion.
  6. The Sun is less massive than the Earth, the other planets are also less massive but have the same mass relationships to each other (thanks Newton).
  7. The Sun is not a star. Stars are not suns. Stars are reflective rocks in the Kuiper belt made of ruby and sapphire, giving the appearance of being red or blue shifted.
  8. Evolution is real it began after death entered the world after the fall of man (Genesis 3).
  9. Radioisotopes began to decay explosively at this time, causing the core of the Earth to melt. This is what we know of as Hell.
  10. Hell is expanding which is the cause of global warming.
  11. Stars will fall to the Earth in accordance with Biblical prophesy.

Everything on this list will be shown to be consistent with the Biblical account and with all scientific observations.

Matty’s Paradigm is a blog and so it can appear to be very random because I frequently write posts in response to specific questions from the Twitter community. If you would like to see the posts arranged in a logical structure that follows the creation narrative see the Mindmap.






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